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High School Fellowship Initiative

Every Student Has A Voice.
We Want To Help Them Develop That Voice!

As the new Governor of the Southeastern Region of NATS, Rebecca Salter has implemented a scholarship program for talented high school students from our region who would not be able to study privately without financial assistance. Modeling our fellowship after the Texoma region (who recently experimented with such a program, and raised almost enough to cover fellowships for six students in one year) the fellowship committee's initial goal for SERNATS is to raise enough for three fellowships (one for each district).

SERNATS High School Fellowship Development Committee

Brandon Marcus, Chair

Shellie Beeman

Beverly Blouin

Dorea Cook

Melodie Dickerson

Mark Lubas

Jonathan Pilkington

Anne Schantz

Rebecca "Becky" Salter, SERNATS Governor

Matthew Hoch SERNATS Development Liaison

Bob Bryan, NATS Director of Development

Interested in joining the initiative?

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SERNATS High School Fellowship:

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