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The Alabama chapter of NATS is an ever-evolving group of
voice teachers, coaches, and clinicians.

Alabama NATS Executive Board

Patrick Jacobs, President

Lori Guy, Vice President

Jeff Kensmoe, Past President

Thomas Rowell, Registrar

Kathryn Hedlund, Secretary

Amalia Osuga, Treasurer

Gretchen Windt, Education Chair

Susan Williams, Membership Chair

Cordelia Anderson, Classical Rep Chair

Melanie Williams, Commercial Music Rep Chair

Tyrone Hayes, Musical Theatre Rep Chair

Mark Brown, Historian

Brandon Marcus, Social Media/Website Chair

Alabama NATS Members

as of September 2023

Mollie Adams

Cordelia Anderson

Thomas Angerhofer

Samantha Anselmo

Grace Ashley

Ginger Beazley

Shellie A Beeman

DeLee Benton

Johnny Boehlefield

Martha M Brouse

J F Mark Brown

Bonita E Bunt

Karen Cantrell

Horace Carney

Won Cho

William Coleman

Alexis Davis-Hazell

Laura Doss

Randy Paul Foster

Gabrielle Fuqua

Roderick George

Lori Guy

Jeffrey D Hairrell

Luvada A Harrison

Tyrone Hayes

Kathryn Hedlund

Michael Hendrick

Matthew Hoch

Roy Hoobler

Paul Houghtaling

Barbara Hudson

Hope A Hudson

Kristine Hurst-Wajszczuk

Patrick Jacobs

Emily Jaworski Koriath

Jeff D Kensmoe

Christopher Lostin

Erin M Ludwick

Brandon Marcus

Chloe McWhirter

Julie Moore Foster

Tiffany Nishibun

Amalia Osuga

Mary Kathryn Parrott

Rachel Pickering

Rosephanye Powell

Thomas Rowell

Marjorie Searcy

Christopher A Shely

Erin Smith

Cathy Spence

Joyce Sylvester

Laura Thomason

Marjorie Trimm

Alexandra Trosper

Emily von Redlich

Nathan Wight

Eric Wilcox

Gregory Williams

Melanie B Williams

Susan E Williams

Lara C Wilson

Nate Wilson

Gretchen Windt

Charles E Wood

Joy Xu

Angela Yoon

Linda Young

Linda Zoghby

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